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Marley’s Doodle Ranch

Hi All!! Marley’s Doodle Ranch is location on a 10 acre parcel in Indiana where they are born and raised until they go to their forever home. Our dogs are raised with love and taken care of every day by myself and my 3 beautiful kids. We have 5 dogs of our own so our puppies are well adjusted to a busy life style. Our puppies are used to sounds in a home such as vacuum’s, hair dryer or whatever could normally seem scary since they are around it from day one. Marley’s Doodle Ranch does not allow to leave us or Mom until they are at least 8 weeks of age. When they go home they will have had one round of shots at that age and will need to continue 3 more rounds of boosters.


Crate Training

I start crate training and potty training as well . They will by no means be potty trained at 8 weeks[ still babies and can’t hold it for too long ] but they will have a pretty good idea of where to go outside and not in their crate! We get a lot of outside play time in as we live in the country on 10 acres so lots of room to run and play! Mom and dad are our family members so they get to grow up with both of them as well .

Waiting List

Our waiting list is for labradoodles & goldendoodles but we also have some availability. Families are placed in order of deposits and then invited to meet the available puppies once they are 6/7 weeks old!


$2200. Includes Tax

This is the cost for a pet. Contact Marley’s Doodle Ranch for Breeding pricing.

Meeting Puppy

Once puppies are 6 weeks old we invite families to come visit and pick out which puppy they would like. Then the puppy will continue to grow and learn over the next 2 weeks while their new family prepares everything back at home for their arrival! Crate is a must, they need their safe place .

Bringing Home your Puppy

 Marley Doodle Ranch has you covered. Making sure you have the basic necessities to send you home with for your new family member. Your new puppy comes with MDR tote bag, Snugga puppy starter kit, Bag of 4health food they are currently eating, Bells for bell training, Slicker brush, Nylabone for puppies, Chuck It Indoor ball, Crinkle toy, Health records, Easy read book for kids [if applicable] and Travel water bowl.

Need help

Training your Puppy?

We are super excited to share that we have found an amazing online training option for all of our puppy families. BAXTER & Bella’s exclusive online puppy school has agreed to now offer our families an instant 25% savings off of their membership!